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City of David
Shiloah Inscription

This inscription was discovered in 1880 by a boy who was bathing in the waters of the Gihon Spring.




Shiloah Inscription

"[The] tunneling [is completed]. And this is the account of the tunneling: While [the hewers wielded their axes], one [group] towards the other with three cubits yet to be hewn, a man's voice was heard calling out to his fellow [worker]. For there was a zidda (fissure?) in the rock to the right and to the left. And on the day of the tunneling the hewers bore through, one man towards the other, ax upon ax, and the waters flowed from the source of the pool, 1,200 cubits, and a hundred cubits was the height of the rock above the heads of the hewers." The inscription is now in the Istanbul Museum.

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